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August 4th to August 11th 2019

Akwaaba Dance And Healing Retreat
Akwaaba Dance And Healing Retreat
Reconnect Your Soul with Your African Roots.

Relax and fall asleep to the sound of waves and the ocean breeze outside your window at One Africa Resort!

Heal your body with natural juices and healthy meals (vegan and vegetarian meals available)

Take daily dance classes in traditional Ghanaian dances like Adowa and popular Afrobeats dances like Shaku Shaku with a variety of master dancers

Get in shape while having fun

Learn the historical relevance of each dance

Yoga and meditation classes

Participate in an Ghanaian dance conference on the historical significance of the dances you are learning


Journey to Kakum National Park and explore the rain forest from the elevated canopy paths

Visit beautiful isolated beaches

Visit the dungeons of the Enslaved in Cape Coast and re-enter Ghana through the "Door of No Return"'




Day 1

Welcome dinner at One Africa Resort


Day 2

Breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegan or non-vegan) & freshly squeezed fruit juices (Day 2 - Day 6)

Morning yoga

Afrobeat and traditional Ghanaian dance lessons. Popular and traditional steps will be incorporated such as:

Gwara gwara, Shoki, Shaku shaku, Zanku, Adowa, Kpanlogo

Presentation on herbal cures from the Ghanaian rain forest. Orders can be placed with the herbalist.


Day 3

Juicing presentation

Morning yoga

Dance classes (continued)

Evening massage and reflexology presentations: *Appointments available at additional cost


Day 4

Film screening - "Akwaaba Dance" 

Dance lessons (Traditional/Afrobeats) 

Trip to Elmina Slave dungeon


Day 5

Akwaaba Dance Conference on the historical roots of traditional and Afrobeats dance with presenters:

Dr. De Valera Botchway (University of Cape Coast ,U.C.C.)

Professor Reginald Sackey (U.C.C)

Jerry One (Palm Dance Company)

Musa Ali (Kroye Dance Theater)

Evening dance classes


Day 6

Trip to Kakum National Park 
Evening drum and dance performance with the dance company and instructors.

You will have the opportunity to showcase what you learned if you choose.


Day 7

Closing Reflections

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