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Ghana - Fetu Afahye- September 2014

The 50th anniversary of the Fetu Afahye festival has come and gone in Cape Coast. The festivities have lasted for five days including the ceremonial opening of the lagoon to the ocean, the procession of chiefs, ceremonial and warrior dances and an endless procession of drumming. I took most of my pictures and video recording from the top of a wheel barrel that some Ghanian gentleman pulled me on to, so that I could get above the throngs of people that covered every inch of the town.

It's been an amazing experience and now that things have settled down. I'm taking traditional Ghanian dance classes with Master Kobe and Nana Yaw at the Akumpa Theater Village- Elmina, and waiting for the delayed opening of school. Both the elementary school where I will begin my dance and media pen pal project and Cape Coast University where I will take more classes are opening next week. They opened late due to precautions taken to prevent Ebola from entering the country

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