Gambia - A Dance Lesson Become A Community Celebration - October 2014

My time in Gambia has been considerably shorter than Ghana. Especially after I made a series of flight bookings that were cancelled by the airlines. Neither country has been affected by Ebola but getting around the countries that were is difficult and full of uncertainty.

My days here have been full of adventure. Dancing on the beach with a circle of Jolla women was breathtaking. Each one came up to me and introduced a distinct dance step with its own particular grace, beauty and persona, and asked me to join her.

My last lesson became a community celebration at the end of a baby naming ceremony. I received a true lesson in "catching steps in the moment" and improvisation when the other dancers stepped back and signaled for me to do a solo.

The whole dance was done in a circle with anyone who wanted to join in. This reminded me that in Africa, the audience and performers are one.

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