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Ghana -Going Away Culmination -October 2014

Wow! It's hard to believe that my time of more than 8 weeks in Ghana is done. I loved all of the dances the students taught me. My former student Dennis Datsa now runs a school in Ghana. Going to his school to conduct interviews and learn some traditional dances was the completion of a long held dream of mine. Dancing Kpanlogo for my going away party with my Cape Coast University dance professor Reginald Sackey, Nana Yaw & Atampuka African Village Dance Company, and my classmate Zeniab, was another high point of my experience.

Best of all it was recorded, and I was interviewed by a local station - Coastal TV. Having the celebration at One Africa Holistic Guest House with Mama Imahkus, formerly of New York, Okofu and a host of other African Americans who moved back to Ghana decades ago, as well as my Ghanian friends made me feel like I was leaving my second home. I'm really speechless and grateful for how it's all unfolded.

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